Cambridge alt-rockers Standing Like Statues release ‘Skylines’ on 9th October, the first single from their long-awaited second EP, Reality Checkpoint, due for release on 13th November 2020.

Vocalist Jamie and drummer Effy have described ‘Skylines’ as “a story about feeling claustrophobic. To fear losing people for finally being true to who you are. The pain of constantly apologising to someone you love for things that you can’t control and the underlying anxiety that can eat away, making you question and over-rationalise things. It’s a cry for help, with an answer. We want to be there for the people that connect with this track, like this song helped us be there for each other.”

Formed in 2015, Standing Like Statues have supported We Are The Ocean, Decade, Fort Hope and Courage My Love, as well as being featured on BBC Look East and, more recently, BBC Introducing Cambridge.

Inspired by the likes of Taking Back Sunday, 30 Seconds To Mars and Biffy Clyro, Standing Like Statues draw from the greats of alternative rock to combine anthemic energy and creativity with soul-searching lyrics.

Standing Like Statues worked with renowned producer Romesh Dodangoda on the new EP, which has forced the band to dig deep and harness the power to commit themselves to authenticity; rising above the blur of memes, trends, concepts and false personas which dominate modern life. Having learned to laugh in the face of adversity, there are no barriers to fight through and lots of love to give.

Band Members: